VirtualFamilyTime is an innovative solution for children who need to strengthen their relationship with non-custodial parents when in-person visits are not possible or advised. This program offers 15 or 30-minute supervised virtual sessions via the Zoom platform, helping families maintain meaningful connections in a secure online setting.

At an affordable rate of $1 per minute, these virtual visits are overseen by trained professionals who ensure that the interactions contribute positively to the parent-child relationship within a safe framework. The rules for these sessions are clear and firmly upheld, focusing all conversations on being child-centered and respectful. A record of each visit is kept, noting who participated, the length of the visit, and any instances of rule violations.

To get started, the first step is to fill out the form below. Once we receive your form, a member of Court Support for Families will review and either approve or deny the request. If approved, a fee contract will be sent for payment along with a more through intake form. Once the contract is finalized, payment processed, and the intake form submitted, we will coordinate with all parties to schedule the visit.

During each session, our supervisors carefully document the interactions and add this information to the client’s file, ensuring an accountable and transparent record of the visit. Reach out to us today to learn more or to start using our VirtualFamilyTime service, an essential tool in nurturing and sustaining family connections when in-person visitation is not an option.


Parenting Class

Live Zoom Parenting Class: Fulfill NC Child Custody Mediation Program requirements with Ease.


Pro-Se Forms

Self-Representation Made Easier: Request access to court approved forms and paperwork.



Building Bonds over Zoom: Virtual, supervised, Zoom video visits for parents and children.


Our History

In 1985, Court Watch of North Carolina came into existence in Greensboro, NC through a joint initiative between Virginia Kerr and the Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women.

Lead by Kerr, a group of volunteers was organized to monitor domestic sessions and court proceedings in the Guilford County District Court of North Carolina. The groups observations were carefully documented in a report that highlighted critical issues in the judicial system related to domestic matters and family court. Then incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1986, Court Watch of North Carolina consistently advocated for a more equitable and transparent court system.

In 2023, a significant rebranding occurred, changing the name to Court Support for Families. This name change better encapsulates an expanded focus of the organization to provide comprehensive assistance to families navigating the legal landscape through educational programs and practical resources.


"...when you demand that child support rules be enforced, what are you asking? You are asking that a parent, one of two human beings who brought a child into the world, pay what they should give to help that child have a decent life."

Elaine Marshall, North Carolina Secretary of State


I would like to say that I appreciate the sincere effort of the instructors to guide parents through this confusing time and provide us with effective tools to manage issues we are currently facing. Thank you!

Parenting Class Attendee


The class was very informative. Also it really helped me to understand how many husband and I can impact our son IF we don't put aside our differences to do what is best for him.

Parenting Class Attendee


I felt that the class was very informative. Although this is the second class about co-parenting I felt that I still had much to learn.

K Campbell, Parenting Class Attendee


Even as a Grandparent, I gained alot of information and knowledge. Thank you both for your time and personal attention.

Parenting Class Attendee

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