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Discover “Two Families Now”, our 4-hour live online Zoom class, approved by Guilford County, North Carolina, and specifically designed to fulfill the requirements for the Court’s mandatory Parent Education Class. Tailored for parents managing children in separate households, this course is perfect whether you’re separated, divorced, or never married, and also suits grandparents, step-parents, and caregivers. It enhances your understanding of children’s developmental needs during family transitions.

What You’ll Gain from Two Families Now:

  • Strategies to help children adapt through separation or divorce.
  • Techniques to minimize co-parenting conflicts.
  • Insights into various co-parenting approaches.
  • Parenting skills that protect children from potential risks.
  • Guidance on crafting an effective parenting plan.
  • Understanding the role of mediation in creating a parenting plan.

Led by experienced professionals, Two Families Now is more than just a class – it’s a practical guide, featuring video examples to demonstrate effective and ineffective interactions. This engaging class is focused on practical solutions, not just theory.

Classes are scheduled monthly. The registration fee is $49, payable online. Enroll now to equip yourself with the essential tools and knowledge for a positive family transition.

The information was great. Two Families Now showed us examples of how to put these plans in action and also to see things from another perspective. I really liked the program and even recommended it to my co-parent. I think all divorced couples should be mandated to take this program.


Live Zoom Parenting Class

Join our live Zoom parenting class to fullfill your North Carolina Child Custody Mediation Program requirements.


Self-Representation Made Easier

Request access to court approved custody paperwork and forms to file yourself - without being required to use an attorney.


Building Bonds over Zoom

Our VirtualFamilyTime offers virtual, supervised, Zoom video visitation sessions that are safe and beneficial for parents and children.


Our History

In 1985, Court Watch of North Carolina came into existence in Greensboro, NC through a joint initiative between Virginia Kerr and the Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women.

Lead by Kerr, a group of volunteers was organized to monitor domestic sessions and court proceedings in the Guilford County District Court of North Carolina. The groups observations were carefully documented in a report that highlighted critical issues in the judicial system related to domestic matters and family court. Then incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1986, Court Watch of North Carolina consistently advocated for a more equitable and transparent court system.

In 2023, a significant rebranding occurred, changing the name to Court Support for Families. This name change better encapsulates an expanded focus of the organization to provide comprehensive assistance to families navigating the legal landscape through educational programs and practical resources.


"...when you demand that child support rules be enforced, what are you asking? You are asking that a parent, one of two human beings who brought a child into the world, pay what they should give to help that child have a decent life."

Elaine Marshall, North Carolina Secretary of State

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