Pro Se Legal Forms

Court Support for Families’ Pro Se Legal Forms are helpful for individuals representing themselves in family court, especially in areas like child custody, contempt, and custody modification.

These forms are user-friendly, with clear instructions, helping you complete and submit the required legal paperwork. They are designed to make the legal process more accessible and less intimidating for those navigating family law without an attorney.

Court Support’s instructional complaint/motion packets are designed for parents who are seeking custody and/or visitation, and cannot afford an attorney.

Requesting these forms is a proactive step towards a more informed and confident approach to handling your family court matters. To begin, please complete the request form below.

What Do I File for My Situation?

Not sure what forms you need? Learn more about the types of Custody and Visitation Complaints or Motions and when they should be used:

The New Custody/Visitation Complaint is to be used only if:

  • This is a new court proceeding-you cannot have an existing court order for custody or visitation in place.
  • The child/children have lived in N.C. for the last six months or more.
  • Parents separate and they need to establish custody and visitation for the child/children.
  • Parents have been separated for some time and have an informal verbal agreement for custody and visitation, which over time has become problematic for one or both parents.
  • You are the biological mother/father of a child/children and the mother/father is not allowing you access to your child/children.

The Modification Motion is to be used only if:

  • A court order for custody or visitation already exists.
  • There are terms in the court order that you want to change and in order and to get the order modified you must show the court that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the order was originally entered that makes a modification necessary.
  • The child/children have lived in N.C. for the last six (6) months or more.

The Contempt Motion is to be used only if:

  • You have an existing custody or visitation order and the other parent is seriously violating the order.
  • There is a clear and direct violation of the written order.
  • You have made every possible effort with the other parent to try and reach an agreement without going to court.
  • Court Support cannot help you file an Emergency or Temporary Custody Order – you must use an attorney

Parenting Class

Live Zoom Parenting Class: Fulfill NC Child Custody Mediation Program requirements with Ease.


Pro-Se Forms

Self-Representation Made Easier: Request access to court approved forms and paperwork.



Building Bonds over Zoom: Virtual, supervised, Zoom video visits for parents and children.


Our History

In 1985, Court Watch of North Carolina came into existence in Greensboro, NC through a joint initiative between Virginia Kerr and the Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women.

Lead by Kerr, a group of volunteers was organized to monitor domestic sessions and court proceedings in the Guilford County District Court of North Carolina. The groups observations were carefully documented in a report that highlighted critical issues in the judicial system related to domestic matters and family court. Then incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1986, Court Watch of North Carolina consistently advocated for a more equitable and transparent court system.

In 2023, a significant rebranding occurred, changing the name to Court Support for Families. This name change better encapsulates an expanded focus of the organization to provide comprehensive assistance to families navigating the legal landscape through educational programs and practical resources.


"...when you demand that child support rules be enforced, what are you asking? You are asking that a parent, one of two human beings who brought a child into the world, pay what they should give to help that child have a decent life."

Elaine Marshall, North Carolina Secretary of State


I would like to say that I appreciate the sincere effort of the instructors to guide parents through this confusing time and provide us with effective tools to manage issues we are currently facing. Thank you!

Parenting Class Attendee


The class was very informative. Also it really helped me to understand how many husband and I can impact our son IF we don't put aside our differences to do what is best for him.

Parenting Class Attendee


I felt that the class was very informative. Although this is the second class about co-parenting I felt that I still had much to learn.

K Campbell, Parenting Class Attendee


Even as a Grandparent, I gained alot of information and knowledge. Thank you both for your time and personal attention.

Parenting Class Attendee

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